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About Gaspar

Circulo is located in Gaspar, Vale do Itajai, Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Settled by German, Italian and Azorean, the city still maintains today the culture of these people, manifested in folklore, architecture, crafts, cuisine, religion, popular literature and clothing. Gaspar has industry, particularly Circulo, as the main source of economy, followed by trade, tourism and agriculture, which includes the cultivation of rice.

The city attracts thousands of tourists every year because of its tourism potential. With tourism and leisure, the city stands out for rural and religious tourism, the practice of radical sports, and its natural waterfalls that harbor water parks, always crowded in the summer.

With approximately 58,000 inhabitants, the city is well known for its Mother Church, St. Peter the Apostle, which owns the only clock installed in America with one only machine moving eight dials.

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